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Hubbell Type 4295 Automatic Discharge

The Euclid Type 4295 Magnet Controllers incorporate heavy duty time proven components arranged to provide optimum control of your lifting magnets. A mechanically rugged high thermal capacity discharge resistor assembly is permanently connected in parallel with the magnet and provides a safe discharge path for the stored magnetic energy. With Euclid magnet controllers, induced volts cannot return to the line, permitting rectified power supplies to be used without the added expense of special protective loads or by-pass circuits.

Product Features:

  • Front-Wired Front-Removable components.
  • Mechanically interlocked "LIFT" and "DROP" contactors.
  • Permanently connected discharge path completely independent from the line.
  • High-Thermal capacity resistor discharge path.
  • Peak magnet induced voltage limited to under 900 volts.
  • Long electrical contact life.
  • Minimum Maintenance.
  • Dribble feature - Standard.
  • Ventilated NEMA 3R Enclosure.