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Magnetech Slag Reclamation "B" Series - Aluminum Coil

Magnetech’s circular lifting magnets are designed for the steel and slag industries. Our circular lifting magnets can be found in steel mill, foundry, slag processing, and scrap applications. Available in 58″ and 68″ with aluminum or copper coil; Engineered to meet requirements of slag reclamation; Manufactured to withstand punishing physical conditions found in slag reclamation processing; Thicker case walls for abusive applications; Wear resistant hard surfacing on center and outer poles; High impact resistant manganese bottom plate; Ideal For: Cable Crane using Drop Ball for Slag Reclaiming, Highly Abusive Applications

Product Features:

  • 75% Duty Cycle
  • Maximized Lift-to-Weight Ratio
  • Class "H" Insulation Throughout
  • 3 Leg Conventional Chain Assemblies
  • Thicker Case Walls for Abusive Applications
  • Strong & Durable Fabricated Steel Construction
  • Waterproof Double Welded & Sealed Terminal Box
  • Wear Resistant Layer Welded onto Center & Outer Poles
  • High Impact Resistant Heavy Duty Maganese Bottom Plate

SKU Details

Sku Images Part# Weight (lbs.) Volts Amps Cold Controller Size Generator Size Cable Size PIG IRON #1 HM SLAB DROP BALL Size Size/Model Description
SRB58-A 7300 230 68 0-130 20 6/2 3000 60000 25000 58FDAB Slag Reclamation B 58" Aluminum
SRB68-A 12000 230 85 0-130 25 4/2 5500 80000 35000 68FDAB Slag Reclamation B 68" Aluminum

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